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Our Programs

Hope Centre Clubhouse offers skill development opportunities, support, and advocacy to its members through their involvement in three main units of the clubhouse:  

• Clerical 

• Employment/Education 

•  Kitchen/Maintenance  

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Provides pre-employment training opportunities to aid in the development of transferable skills and to create opportunities for social activities among members.


  • Member Advocacy (dental, medical, housing, financial, etc.) 

  • Newsletter and Flyer Production 

  • Statistics and Research 

  • Reachout 

  • Reception/Orientation 

  • Planning Social Outings 

  • Fundraising for Clubhouse Needs



Members of Hope Centre Clubhouse are encouraged to develop personalized education and employment plans. Members are supported in pursuing part-time, full-time, group, transitional, and self-employment opportunities to meet their individual needs.

  • Employment Counselling 

  • Job Search and Resume Assistance 

  • Transitional Employment Placements 

  • Education and Literacy Supports 

  • Skills Training and Volunteer Placements 

  • Ongoing Assistance while Working and Studying 

  • Pre-employment Skills Development 

  • Sessions on Self-esteem, Communication, Stress, Coping Skills, Managing Your Illness, etc.



This unit assists members in the development of household and service industry related skills.

  • Cooking, Nutrition, and Menu Planning 

  • Budgeting and Shopping 

  • Cash Register and Canteen Duties 

  • Bank Deposits and Balancing 

  • General Household Maintenance 

  • Plant Care and Landscaping

Check out the Day Program

At Hope Centre Clubhouse, we believe that work works. Our Work-Ordered-Day program is designed to motivate and encourage members to enhance their daily life skills by participating in a program, side by side with staff, to complete all the necessary tasks to operate the Clubhouse successfully. Building an atmosphere of co-ownership and co-operation within our Clubhouse ensure our members feel wanted, needed and valued. Although participation is voluntary, it is encouraged. 


Kitchen Program

At Clubhouse, we believe that everyone should have access to hearty, nutritious meals. Hope Centre offers a kitchen unit that provides lunch to our members every day for $2.00 a meal. The Kitchen unit values the participation of our members to help budget our meals, grocery shop, prepare and serve our meals and assist with kitchen cleanup afterwards. 


Hope Centre provides members with the opportunity to access employment and education opportunities. The Clubhouse provides ongoing support, encouragement and resources to members. The Clubhouse offers different types of employment support such as Transitional, Supported, Independent and Group employment.  

General Upkeep

Members and staff work side-by-side to complete general upkeep activities to ensure the Clubhouse runs smoothly and effectively. Members volunteer as much or as little as they want and only participate in activities that they feel comfortable participating in.

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