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Here at Hope Centre we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed.


Check out this page to get to know us, our values, and what supports we can provide to our members to see if it's a good fit for you!

You can also get to know our awesome staff and learn about their roles at Hope Centre. We are here to help you achieve your goals in whatever way we can.


Our Approach

Hope Centre provides a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space for all individuals to come and work towards being the best versions of themselves.


We work collaboratively with our members to help them feel confident in their strengths, learn new skills, and help them reach their goals.

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Our Values

Hope Centre believes that every member struggling with mental illness should be given the resources and supports to succeed and recover from the effects of their mental illness. 


Clubhouses are here to support people in living personally and socially satisfying lives by contributing to society. 


Hope Centre is dedicated to the success of our members no matter how long it takes or how difficult it may be.


Commitment to our Members

Clubhouse is designed to be a safe, inclusive space for all members attending.  It is a place where a person living with a mental illness is not treated as patient and is not defined by a disability label. 


In a Clubhouse, people are a valued participant and colleague.  Each member of the Clubhouse plays an integral role in contributing to the success of the Clubhouse community as whole. 

Our Standards

Hope Centre Clubhouse aligns with the Clubhouse International standards.

  1. Membership assures members that their participation is fully voluntary and that they can access all the opportunities available to them through Clubhouses.

  2. Relationships describes the unique collegial relationship between Clubhouse staff and members.

  3. Space emphasizes the importance of creating a dignified, attractive environment where important work is carried out.

  4. Work-Ordered Day describes the structure of the day-to-day activity within a Clubhouse, organized to help members develop self-esteem, confidence and friendships, which make up the foundation of the recovery process.

  5. Employment ensures that Clubhouses offer members organized, effective strategies for moving into and maintaining gainful employment.

  6. Education ensures that Clubhouses offer members effective opportunities to complete their education.

  7. Functions of the House addresses the basic requirements for meeting members’ needs, with an emphasis on social and healthcare services.

  8. Funding, Governance and Administration describes requirements for overseeing and managing Clubhouses.

Meet The Team


Jill Balcombe


Maureen Chaisson

Luc Delarosbil


Laura Mills

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